Black Needle Noise Unveils Video for ‘Shiver of Want’ with Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly, Delerium)


Black Needle Noise
Lost in Reflections
13 July 2017

Black Needle Noise Unveils Video for ‘Shiver of Want’ with Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly, Delerium)
Legendary producer John Fryer collaborates with industrial music pioneer

FOR FANS OF: This Mortal Coil, Delerium, Enigma, Clan of Xymox, Nine Inch Nails, The Tear Garden, Front Line Assembly, Spectra Paris
FOCUS TRACKS: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 11 (all FCC Clean) 


Shiver of Want
And Nothing Remains with Ana Breton

Neon Noir with Dr. Strangefryer
Heaven with Jennie Vee
She Stands On A Storm with Andrea Kerr
Breatheless Speechless with Sivert Hoyem

Black Needle Noise has unveiled the new video for ‘Shiver of Want’ with Bill Leeb of Front Line Assembly and worldwide charting dreampop collective Delerium.  In the world of post-punk and industrial music, there are a few key personalities that have consistently been putting out quality music – some for just a few albums of their existence, and others for several decades. I am pleased to present you two pioneers in the world of industrial music and synth-based postpunk.

Legendary artist-producer John Fryer, the mastermind behind this project, met up with Bill Leeb in Norway after a Front Line Assembly gig.  They hit it off right away and found a really good friendship in the making. While it did take over a year or so for the stars to line up, they eventually did. The new video was shot in 3 countries: Norway, Germany and the USA.

«This track made history for me because, even though I have worked with countless artists over the years and really value the concept of collaborating, I personally had never sung on a one-off collaboration. I have said no to quite a few offers over the years. But when John approached me, it just felt right. With his background I thought we could do something interesting without having to worry that we were looking for a radio hit, but rather make it a journey into an artistic creation,» says Bill Leeb.

«To me, the lyrics are like you are peering through a looking glass at your life, as if it were a third person.  You are trying to grasp its fluidity as it slips through your mind and soul, having absolutely no control of where it is truly taking you on its final journey. Somehow one tries to come to terms with this, but it never gives you a clear picture or resolves in your subliminal state or dreams.  Everyone knows it will end, but I do hope somehow a realm of consciousness will arise and we can all dream for eternity through our spirits.  Yes maybe this sounds a bit optimistic, but we need to find hope in one form or another. A shiver of want.»

This new video follows up videos for ‘And Nothing Remains’ with Ana Breton (Dead Leaf Echo) and ‘Neon Noir’ with Dr. Strangefryer, which matched 80s-style synthpop with retro-fitted video colorama graphics courtesy of Alisa Akay.

These tracks are among 11 solid tracks featuring on the new Black Needle Noise album ‘Lost in Reflections’. Now based in L.A., John Fryer continues his legacy as founder of seminal 4AD band This Mortal Coil by dishing up his trademark goodness and lush atmospheres with layered richness, experimental tones, effects and melodies.

As one of the most innovative sonic architects of our age, “John Fryer has practically soundtracked your entire life” (Impose Magazine). His musical imprint is massive, having shaped the sound of bands from Nine Inch Nails and Cocteau Twins to HIM and Depeche Mode. He is also one of just two masterminds behind This Mortal Coil (along with Ivo Watts-Russell – not only producing, but also keyboards, strings and synthesizer sequencing).

John Fryer started his career in 1979 at London’s Blackwing Studios (London) and soon began working with seminal bands on the 4AD, Mute, Rough Trade and Beggars Banquet record labels, including Depeche Mode, The Wolfgang Press and Cocteau Twins. His achievement in helping develop the latter’s pioneering ethereal and ambient sound ultimately led Watts-Russell to recruit Fryer as his partner for This Mortal Coil.

He’s produced many other groundbreaking artists, including Love and Rockets, Swans, HIM, Cradle of Filth, Clan of Xymox, Nitzer Ebb, Dead Can Dance, Yaz (Yazoo), Xmal Deutschland, Fields of the Nephilim, De/Vision, Stabbing Westward, Jesus Jones, Swallow, M|A|R|R|S (A.R.Kane & Colourbox), Kristin Hersh and many others. He also produced the soundtracks to films such as Seven, Clerks, Johnny Mnemonic, Mortal Kombat, Faust and Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

A sense of expectation about his music has never left him – expectations he has exceeded on this new album, his collaboration with numerous artists resulting in stunning output in ‘Lost In Reflections’, a collection of 11 tracks featuring Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly, Delirium), Mimi Page (Delirium), Jennie Vee (also bassist in Hole), Ana Breton (Dead Leaf Echo), Omniflux (Puscifer), Kendra Frost (Kite Base), Andrea Kerr (Colt), Sivert Hoyem, ZiaLand and Dr. Strangefryer.

This album is a continuation or extension of the first Black Needle Noise album ‘Before The Tears Came’ (2016), which featured Jarboe (Swans), Elena Alice Fossi (Kirlian Camera and Spectra Paris), and Ledfoot, among others.

Currently available digitally on Bandcamp, both existing albums will be released on vinyl and CD as John Fryer has just kicked off a Pledge Music campaign for this and his next album, which also present a great chance to score some limited merchandise exclusives, including the involvement of Fryer in your own music. Visit

1. Treasured Lies with ZiaLand
2. Warning Sign with Kendra Frost
3. She Stands On A Storm with Andrea Kerr
4. Heaven with Jennie Vee
5. This Kind Of Road with Kendra Frost
6. Teeth To Grey with Omniflux
7. Swimming Through Dreams with Mimi Page
8. And Nothing Remains with Ana Breton
9. A Shiver Of Want with Bill Leeb
10. Breathless Speechless with Sivert Hoyem
11. Neon Noir with Dr. Strangefryer

«An intimate capsule of mood and story that moves cohesively while bringing a singular feeling and unique weight to each song. It truly is “music for movies you haven’t seen yet” – from the artist who produced music for the indelible, iconic film Seven» – Disarm Magazine

«John Fryer has practically soundtracked your entire life» – Impose Magazine

«Fryer, who has produced everyone from Love and Rockets to Dead Can Dance, is one of the most innovative sonic architects in the business–his moody compositions are nuanced and always compelling» – Stereo Embers Magazine

“A revolving door of beauty and celebrated diversity. Powerful, mesmerizing, spacious and penetrating” – Big Takeover

«Wonderfully warped – dark, gorgeous and brooding with raw energy, almost like an epic movie, with tranquil and chaotic parts»  – The Spill Magazine

«Explores the deepest, darkest parts of human existence alongside possible rays of hope. Fryer creates moments that will both set the listener on edge as well as lull them in with hypnotic ease» – Somewherecold

«Lost in Reflections is a kaleidoscope of musical treasures…each track a new and colorful facet of John Fryer’s genius. His ability to pick collaborators is uncanny, their words seamlessly meld with his soundscapes in a way that’s nothing short of magic» – Echosynthetic

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