Californian dream-gazers Soft Science preview new double A-side single ‘Sooner / Paris’


Soft Science
Sooner / Paris
Test Pattern Records
4 May 2018

Californian dream-gazers Soft Science preview new double A-side single ‘Sooner / Paris’

FOR FANS OF: The Mighty Lemon Drops, My Bloody Valentine, Kitchens of Distinction, The Primitives, Lush, The Go-Go’s


‘Sooner’ Bandcamp
‘I Don’t Know Why I Love You’

‘Light’ (2014)
‘Feel’ (2013)
‘Closer to Me’ (2011)

«One of the best songs of 2018» – John Richards, KEXP

“A gorgeously fuzz-washed slice of post-gaze… full of spine-tingling flourishes and trance-like beauty, warping and waning into gaseous clusters of reverb”Get Into This

Alan McGee and Ivo Watts-Russell would’ve signed this band in a heartbeat, hearing the celestial guitars and booming rhythm section let alone Haley’s seductive, salubrious singing. Nothing soft about this sciencel” – Big Takeover Magazine

«Swirling delights with sugary, delectable vocals… brilliant energy with shimmering guitars, perfectly executed bass and percussion, bendy synths, and Katie Haley delivering some of my fave dreampop vocals in recent memory» – Somewherecold
“Where the haze of shoegaze meets the pristine lines of pop… They join dots between that pre-Brit pop territory of early Lush or The Darling Buds and modern alternative pop fringes encapsulating the same pure pop heart wrapped in shimmering sonics, always reminding us that pop can be big and it can be clever” Dancing About Architecture
Dream-gaze syndicate Soft Science preview their new double A-side single ‘Sooner/ Paris’, slated for release on May 4 via Test Pattern Records. ‘Sooner’ is the second single from the band’s forthcoming ‘Maps’ album, to be released in early June. ‘Paris’ is a wistful-blue cover of Northern Picture Library’s (NPL) 1994 track ‘Paris’. These new tracks follow the album’s first single ‘Undone / I Don’t Know Why I Love You’, which saw the band flirt with sounds closer to My Bloody Valentine and The Primitives.
«Sometimes lyrics are like therapy – Sooner is one of those songs”, explains Soft Science vocalist Katie Haley. “The lyrics for Sooner are an expression of how difficult it is to continue to push yourself in this crazy hectic world we live in. Sometimes, I feel like I lose myself in the barrage of daily news, the push and pull of work, and family obligations – it can all feel overwhelming to the point where I feel lost. Dealing with those feelings was the inspiration for this song.”

‘Sooner’ evokes emotion as the band pulls from influences like Pale Saints and The Mighty Lemon Drops. The B-side ‘Paris’ is a thoughtful, heart-wrenching tribute to NPL, originally recorded for the Sarah Records tribute compilation ‘Popkiss, TBTCI meets Sarah Records’, a limited release via The Blog Celebrates Itself Records. This track has since been remastered and, for the first time, is available for wider digital distribution.

Hailing from Northern California’s Sacramento Valley, Soft Science fuse melody, sound and texture of 60s pop and 90s shoegaze like molecular gastronomists blend physics and chemistry to transform food. Together this 5-piece band have managed to create their own sweet blend of modern pop music with a sonic edge.

The band’s members are influenced by such bands ranging from the Zombies and Beach Boys to Lush, Teenage Fanclub, Ride, Pale Saints, New Order, and Jesus and Mary Chain, along with newer artists such as Beach House and Frankie Rose.

Soft Science rose from the ashes of indie pop band California Oranges prior to releasing their last album in 2008.  Soft Science was a natural transition for Katie Haley (Holiday Flyer) and twin brothers Ross and Matt Levine, who had essentially contributed to each other’s music projects on an off for over a decade.  With Katie Haley on vocals, Matt Levine on guitar, and Ross Levine on drums and back vocals, Soft Science were soon joined by bass player Mason DeMusey to create unique dream pop music, inspired by 90s shoegaze and 60s brit pop.  The band then solidified their sound with the addition of Tony Cale (English Singles) on drums and Ross moving to keyboards.In 2011, Soft Science debuted with their ‘High and Lows’ LP, with Pop Matters noting the band’s “potential to become one of the great Left Coast power pop bands.” In 2013, the band released the ‘Detour’ LP, which received notable critical reviews and was ranked #2 among Jack Rabid’s Top 40 in issue 74 of The Big Takeover Magazine.

Soft Science has played live with the likes of The Chills, Literature and Dead Leaf Echo, and has released a split 7” with The Luxembourg Signal, featuring Soft Science’s well-received track ‘Breaking’.

On this new single, as well as their their forthcoming ‘Maps’ album, Soft Science received a helping hand from longtime friend and engineer Eric Stenmen (AWOLNATION, Tokyo Police Club) with mastering at Malibu’s Black Bear 11 Studio and mixing of ‘I Don’t Know Why I Love You’ at Redbull Studios in Los Angeles.

‘Sooner / Paris’ will be released on May 4. Their previous single ‘Undone / I Don’t Know Why I Love You’ is now available across the online stores and streaming platforms, including the label’s own Bandcamp..

Sunken and dropping fast
This one will be the last
Harder to even try
I am desensitizedPictures and memories
Traces left of me
Get up to start again
I am on the edge

Sooner or later
It all comes due

You can’t run and hide
No you’re never gonna break free now you’re under the gun
You can’t run and hide
No they’re never gonna forget all of the things you’ve done

‘Sooner’ written by Soft Science | Recorded at Prairie Sun in Cotati, California
Engineered by Matt Wright | Additional engineering and mixing by Tony Cale
Produced by Ross Levine and Tony Cale | Mastered by Eric Stenman at Black Bear 11 – Malibu, California
‘Paris’ written by Bobby Wratten, Annemari Davies, and Mark Dobson
Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Tony Cale in Penngrove, California
Produced by Soft Science | Additional vocal by Becky Cale
Mastered by Eric Stenman at Black Bear 11 – Malibu, California

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