Feel Freeze champion the LGBT and queer community on ‘Bridge To Your Heart’

Feel Freeze build a warm ‘Bridge To Your Heart’

as they preview debut album

New Track release date 26th June 2018 via Icons Creating Evil Art

“A unique sound that could be filed alongside pioneers such as The Knife and The XX” The Line Of Best Fit

“Excellent Danish Electro-pop” – GAFFA

“Beautiful and disturbing” – Notion Magazine

Feel Freeze build a ‘Bridge To Your Heart’ as they preview debut album Feathers and Scars. Having spent the last few years captivating us with an array of beautifully composed electro-pop cuts, Danish duo Feel Freeze are now ready to break the first major milestone of their career as they ready the release of their debut album with their latest song ‘Bridge To Your Heart’.

With its mix of tranquil synthesisers and blissful vocal harmonies, ‘Bridge To Your Heart’ matches the melancholy ballads these two are known for, but aims to create a more upbeat and sometimes danceable experience this time around.

With comparisons to Kavinsky, The xx and Sigur Rós, ‘Bridge To Your Heart’ was produced in collaboration with Lasse Lyngbo and Troels Damgaard-Holm, who have helped transform this song into a wonderfully progressive release that goes a long way in showcasing what their upcoming debut album has in store for us.

Speaking about the new song, the band explains: “Bridge to Your Heart is about the connection to another human’s heart. Sometimes the road feels very long and full of challenges and obstacles so that the connection gets interrupted before you even get through. Other times it feels as if the connection is there the very first time you meet each other and perhaps even before you spoke a word together. The song also expresses that we wish to build bridges between people with our music and it is therefore an introduction to some of the themes on ‘Feathers & Scars’ which is filled with messages about equal rights, norms for gender and sexuality, feminism, queer- and trans politics.”

‘Bridge To Your Heart’ is set to be available to stream and download on the 26th June 2018 via Icons Creating Evil Art. Their upcoming debut album Feathers and Scars is set to arrive in the autumn.


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/05XGe34IUjpAFGMK0j7E2y

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/feelfreezedk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/feelfreezedk


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