Godhead Machinery – Aligned to the Grid

Godhead Machinery – Aligned to the Grid

Release: Godhead Machinery – Aligned to the Grid
Format: Digital/Vinyl/Cassette
Release Date: April 5th 2019
Record label: Inverse Records
Genre: Black/Death Metal
Country: Sweden

Swedish unorthodox black/death metal band Godhead Machinery is set to release their second album Aligned to the Grid on April 5th 2019 by Inverse Records. Music video is done for the first single Alpha and it can be seen here:  https://youtu.be/uqIZG4Ou77E

“We are very proud and excited to finally pronounce that our second album “Aligned to the Grid” is ready for release and that Inverse Records will stand behind our cause once again. Our new blasphemous production was made in Endarker Studios and is filled with songs and lyrics of a much broader spectrum than ever before.

The song Alpha will be our first single and will also take form as our first real music video as a band. It’s very hard to pick one track for the representation of the whole album, but Alpha were chosen since it summaries most of our musical and lyrical strive”
Kail – Godhead Machinery

Godhead Machinery was started by Kail during 2015 in the aftermath of his previous black metal band Misericordia, and after a lot of studies within religion and  political structures that permeates this world.

Niklas Ekwall – Vocals
Robert Kail Karlsson – Guitar
Tommy Ericson – Guitar
Daniel Forsberg – Bass
Marcus Somliga Andersson – Drums



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