Irish Comedian Hugh Cooney teams up with Morrissey and Marshall in new video


Morrissey & Marshall team up

with Irish Comedian

Hugh Cooney in new video

+ Support from Hotpress Magazine, R2, Classic Rock, BBC London

+ New Album We Rise now

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‘”Hangin’ Around”, in short and in a nutshell, is a song about a love affair with boozing and partying. It’s about not having the ability to just go home and leave the session, club or party at a reasonable hour for the fear of missing out. It’s about the envy for the sensible ones who know when it’s time to call it a day.

“Who are those people taking the last bus home? They never fail. I feel it’s time to go then you order mine, oh you’re far too kind. Then I rush for the door and you people plead ‘one more’ and here I stay”

Musically it pays homage to the artists who have influenced us. It starts with a 90’s style riffy guitar intro and goes on a journey into a harmony driven 60’s pop chorus.

We teamed up with one of our heroes in comedy, Hugh Cooney for the video because he, just like us, heavily relates to what the song is about. For a long time we’ve wanted to work with Hugh and this project suited perfectly. We had a solid team for this one. It was directed by James Skerrit, Hugh and ourselves. Hugh also did the incredible animation and edited.”

Two friends Darren Morrissey and Greg Marshall busk outside the bank, two friends play local bars, two friends get scouted by The Magic Numbers in said local bar in Kilburn, two friends release debut album “And So It Began”… and so, it began.

After hauling from Dublin to London the band were seen ascending from Camden bars to Trafalgar Square with their debut album. Now the acoustic duo are back and ready to make an impact with their second album – featuring new single “Hangin’ Around”.


The song takes a protagonist style stance and lets us delve into the depths of a love/hate relationship with booze through initial rock riffs which gradually morph into a silky smooth melodized 60s style chorus. The song highlights the bands progression in style and skill and captures their essence seamlessly; Darren of Morrissey & Marshall says of the song “I am so proud of this one and feel that it really captures what we are all about in under 3 minutes.”


Morrissey & Marshall hold some solid support under their belts and have formerly been compared heavily to the likes of Simon and Garfunkel and The Everly Bros. This single however, like others on this fresh take record, leans towards a more indie-rock/alt folk vibe; think The Lumineers run into Walk The Moon in a Finsbury Park basement.


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