Pittsburgh artist SPISH channels empathy & absurdity on Adult Swim video      ​


We Like Jesus

+ SPISH releases new video – a collaboration with Adult Swim artist Jack Stauber

+ Shows with HOOPS, The Garden, Girl Band

+ Hype from Dork Magazine

«Infectious» Dork Magazine

SPISH aka Pittsburgh artist Nate Die has a unique sound and aesthetic, with somber yet tongue-in-cheek vocals cutting across fuzzed out guitars and disjointed rhythms.  In his songwriting you can hear traces of Jack White, St. Vincent and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. In the past year, Nate has built a small orchestra to perform his work, created a microclimate of anonymous therapy, and began using a multi-medium approach to marketing his work. Nate and his band of co-conspirators that form SPISH’s energetic live show have been lucky enough to share bills with the likes of The Garden, HOOPS, Girl Band and The Radio Dept.

SPISH have teamed up with Adult Swim artist and internet sensation Jack Stauber to create the disorientating, joyful, disturbing, kaleidoscopic new video for ‘We Like Jesus’. Nate met Jack at a Foxygen gig they were performing at, with the pair bonding backstage over cheese and sesame seed sandwiches at 3am.

The track ‘We Like Jesus’ is taken from last year’s debut album Building A Family, which was full of sideways tales of religious loyalty, manipulative love, and the cult-like journey of popular opinions.

The band took this cult-like trope to a literal conclusion – when launching the album, they put up flyers around Pittsburgh which stated ‘Are You Lost?’, with unsuspecting attendees arriving to find ‘a presentation on plant intimacy, free therapy sessions, a shaman, a puppet show, a cardboard forest, and many other interactive exhibits’.

Nate Die takes the role of music as a remedy for mental health issues completely sincerely. He tells us “please reach out to me if you are feeling odd or sad. With the current lack of assistance in healthcare here in the US, it can often be inaccessible for one to receive the mental attention we all deserve. I am here, and here to listen. Contact can be made through any of our media pages, or by email. This information is very easy to find. I don’t sleep much, and can be reached at most hours of the cycle. I use discretion and urgency when receiving these requests. Quite honestly, sometimes it’s just easier to talk to a stranger about it all; someone disconnected from your personal endeavors. An outside perspective is an opportunity for clarity. You deserve clarity.”

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