Portland America rock outfit The Mutineers release ‘Threshold EP’

The Mutineers
Threshold EP
Mutiny Studios
14 September 2018

Portland America rock outfit The Mutineers release ‘Threshold EP’

FOCUS TRACKS: Afterthought, Couldn’t Get Over You
FOR FANS OF: The Raconteurs, Murder By Death, Sarah Shook and the Disarmers, Shovels and Rope, Nick Cave, X, Bruce Springsteen
All photos and video by Clovis IV

Couldn’t Get Over You https://soundcloud.com/mutineersmusic/couldnt-get-over-you
Drug For That https://youtu.be/LdI53wBasws
Bandcamp https://mutineersmusic.bandcamp.com/album/threshold-ep
Drug For That on Spotify goo.gl/pfiZSh

«The Mutineers lean towards the output of PJ Harvey with John Parish, The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, The Raconteurs and Band of Skulls. The raw live vibe here is infectious and male-female vocals sang in tandem are the icing on the cake… A great introduction to the band’s music»Louder Than War

«One foot firm in Americana camp and one in old time rock n’ roll. A familiar warm feeling comes as with many Elvis Presley songs and some of the more mellow output by The White Stripes, though this track could easily fit in the final club scene that ended David Lynch’s recent season of ‘Twin Peaks’. Excellent, harmonious, sincere and catchy – a winning formula»Big Takeover Magazine

Ahead of a busy 2018 national tour schedule, The Mutineers present the first single from  their new five-track ‘Threshold’ EP with lead track ‘Couldn’t Get Over You’,  a pleasantly wistful offering guided by a longing feeling and lulling melodic line.

A bit earlier, they unveiled the new video for ‘Drug For That’, filmed and directed by California-based photographer and visual artist Clovis IV.  The track, previously released on ‘Live At B-Side’will be offered as a bonus track on a special Bandcamp edition of the EP.

Based in Portland, Oregon, The Mutineers are a rock n roll husband-wife duo with country leanings and punk rock tendencies. With Brian Mathusek on guitar and Merry Young on drums, the couple share vocal duties. Sounding like a cross between Johnny and June with John Doe and Exene, and a bit of Nick Cave and PJ Harvey, their sound esthetic is influenced by such artists as Bruce Springsteen, X, Nick Cave, Loretta Lynn, and Elvis Presley.

“This was written specifically for Merry’s voice. I wrote the first draft of lyrics and she sculpted it to fit her style. Her world-weary delivery is the perfect backdrop to the story. The song contemplates the dual feelings of helplessness and power inside a co-dependent relationship,” says Brian Mathusek.

“The singer is struggling with self-confidence and self-consciousness. She can not decide if she has been too open or not open enough. I think everyone has someone in their life that they can’t stand, but also can’t live without, whether it’s a lover or a family member or a friend. Knowing when to cut someone off is very difficult. By the end of our song, the narrator has given up and given in to this cycle of love and hate, another lost soul.”

Co-produced alongside Raymond Richards (The Parson Red Heads) at B-Side Recording Studio in Portland, this is the band’s third EP and fifth significant release. Originally founded by Brian Mathusek and Michael Astudillo in 2007 and joined by Merry Young soon afterwards, The Mutineers debuted with their ‘Tidal Wave’ EP in 2008, followed by the ‘Nihilisteria’ EP (2009) and ‘From the Dirge to the Dance’ LP (2011). The new fully-arranged recordings diverge from the duo’s previous release ‘Live at B-Side’ (2016), which was recorded without any overdubs.

With this latest effort, The Mutineers have begun a new chapter, collaborating more closely in their songwriting process. Their latest songs feature characters who are flawed, stubborn and struggling with their demons. They wander confused, obsessed, addicted and envious, through the microcosms of Threshold in search of happiness, understanding and love.

The Mutineers will be touring nationally through the fall. In the past two years, they have given over 120 performances in 30 states. They have shared the stage with such notable artists as The Tallest Man on Earth, Langhorne Slim, Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Larry and His Flask, The Devil Makes Three, The White Buffalo, and Murder by Death. When not touring, the couple run a graphic design and screen printing business, Mutiny Studios.

In collaboration with Clovis IV, a visual storyteller, The Mutineers have continued exploring the visuals associated with their song themes, helping express their music, in still images and now on music video. Clovis started working in the visual arts in the early 90’s. Connected to the worlds of music and media, he has continued to express the stories of artists & individuals in still and moving images. Be it as a photographer or designer, Clovis has worked with many artists, including New Model Army, Thievery Corporation, Faith and the Muse, Concrete Blonde and Flesh For Lulu.

As of September 14, ‘Threshold’ is available digitally on all major platforms and as a limited edition hand-printed, numbered and signed CD, available directly from the band at live shows or through their website. Comprised of five tracks, the special Bandcamp edition also features ‘Drug For That’ as a bonus track.

In support of this new release, The Mutineers will be heading out on their extensive U.S. tour, which kicks off on September 13.


1. Hard Sell
2. Couldn’t Get Over You
3. Afterthought
4. I’ve Got The Bottle
5. Hourglass
Drug For That (bonus track for Bandcamp edition)

Brian Mathusek – guitar and vocals
Merry Young – drums and vocals
Raymond Richards – electric guitar, baritone guitar, bass guitar, pedal steel and percussion
Produced by The Mutineers and Raymond Richards at B-Side Recording Studio in Portland
Engineering and mixing by Raymond Richards
All photos and video by Clovis IV

Sept. 13   La Grande, OR – Ten Depot St
Sept. 14   Boise, ID – The Funky Taco for EP RELEASE SHOW
Sept. 15   Salt Lake City, UT – Private Event
Sept. 16   Denver, CO – Lion’s Lair (with The Dollhouse Thieves, D.W.Doucet, Bear & the Beasts)
Sept. 18   Topeka, KS – The Boobie Trap
Sept. 19   Dubuque, IA – The Lift
Sept. 20   Milwaukee, WI – Boone & Crockett
Sept. 21   Hamtramck, MI – The Outer Limits Lounge (with John Salvage)
Sept. 22   Lakewood, OH – The Five O’clock Lounge (with The Del Rios)
Sept. 23   Pittsburgh, PA – Howlers (with The Devil’s Holler)
Sept. 25   Youngstown, OH – Cedars West End
Sept. 26   Rochester, NY – Abilene Bar & Lounge
Sept. 27   Albany, NY – The Low Beat
Sept. 29   Norwood, NJ – Gerry’s Place
Oct. 3   Burlington, VT – Radio Bean
Oct. 4   Portland, ME – Dogfish Bar & Grille
Oct. 6   Becket, MA – Dream Away Lodge
Oct. 9   Jersey City, NJ – Pet Shop
Oct. 17   Harrisonburg, VA – TBD
Oct. 18   Baltimore, MD – Dangerously Delicious Pies
Oct. 19   Washington, DC – The Pie Shop (with Wonky Tonk and The Highballers)
Oct. 20   Staunton, VA – The Pompei Lounge
Oct. 21   Richmond, VA – Carey St. Cafe (with The Atkinsons)
Oct. 25  Chapel Hill, NC – The Cave
Oct. 26  Asheville, NC – TBD
Oct. 27  Charlotte, NC – The Evening Muse (with Drunken Prayer)
Nov. 1   Las Vegas, NV – Double Down Saloon (with The People’s Whiskey)
Nov. 2   Culver City, CA – The Cinema Bar (with Patrolled By Radar)
Nov. 3   Santa Ynez, CA – Maverick Saloon (with Matt Armor)
Nov. 4   Ventura, CA – MadeWest Brewing (with Detroit Sportsmen’s Congress)
Nov. 6   San Luis Obispo, CA – TBD
Nov. 7   Sacramento, CA – TBD
Nov. 8   Blue Lake, CA – Mad River Brewing
Nov. 9   Crescent City, CA – Port O’Pints Brewing
Nov. 10   Portland, OR – TBD

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