Project Silence – Perversion – New Lyrics Video


Project Silence – Perversion – New Lyrics Video
from the album «Slave To The Machine» out now on Sliptrick Records

Project Silence, a band is known from their energetic live performances and tight playing is an industrial metal outfit from Finland, combining extreme metal to headbanging industrial.
Their new album was recorded, mixed and mastered by themselves and features some thrash, black and extreme metal influence. «Slave To The Machine» is centered around themes of Sci-Fi, violence, sex, love and misery.
Many lyrical themes came from personal life, but also from popular culture, books and authors like Moers, Lovecraft and even King. «Slave To The Machine» is also influenced by elements from early industrial scene to modern metal.
Project Silence has come a long way from 2008 and musically band has evolved a lot, but the idea behind it all is just coming through in «Slave To The Machine».
«Slave to the machine» has been released worldwide by Sliptrick Records,
on June the 30th, in both digital and physical format, be sure to add their
Facebook official profile to be constantly updated about shows and band news!

Current line-up:
Delacroix [Vocals, Keyboards, Programming]
J [Guitar]
Mr. Sanderz [Guitar]
Silve_R [Drums]
Sturmpanzerjäger [Bass, Backing vocals]


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