VAV 2018 Meet & Live «Senorita Tour» in Madrid

Otra gira mas de K-pop que pasa por España de la mano de la promotora Young Bros

VAV 2018 Meet & Live «Senorita Tour» in Madrid

Young Bros & A Team Entertainment is proud to present <#VAV 2018 MEET & LIVE IN #EUROPE : #SENORITA TOUR>

VAV’ll be touring 8 cities in 7 countries in Europe! With their hit return «Senorita», VAV will have MEET & GREET with their fans and LIVE Concert on SENORITA TOUR~!! We are preparing fan-sign event and snap shot event and more.

We are going to release more information. Please follow Young Bros to be updated.

– 12.08 #ESSEN
– 12.09 #PARIS
– 12.12 #MILAN
– 12.14 #AMSTERDAM
– 12.15 #MADRID
– 12.16 #PRAGUE
– 12.19 #BERLIN
– 12.20 #BUDAPEST

#VAV #브이에이브이
#VAV2018MeetNLiveInEurope #EUROPE #SenoritaTour #세뇨리따

More information is coming soon through this page. Please join this page and invite your friends, Thank you for your support! 😀


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